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The purpose of the Board of Directors is to provide the mechanism for carrying out the mandates and policies of the Chapter as determined by the Delegate Assembly and to provide a body which may act on behalf of the Chapter between meetings of the Delegate Assembly.


The Board of Directors is composed of 6 Officers and 10 Directors . The Officers are the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Speaker of the Assembly, and Chief Delegate to the Association's House of Delegates. There is one Chapter Director from each district.


A.  Only such Chapter members shall be eligible for election to the Board who:

  1. Are Physical Therapist, Retired Physical Therapist, or Life Physical Therapist members in good standing of the Association and the chapter
  2. Have consented to serve if elected.
  3. Have been members of the Association for two years immediately preceding election.

Election and Tenure

Officer Elections: At the annual meeting of the Assembly, the President, Vice President and Speaker of the Assembly are elected on the even-numbered years; the Treasurer, Secretary and the Chief Delegate to the Association's House of Delegates are elected on the odd-numbered years.

Director Elections: Directors are elected by the districts which they represent at the district meetings which are held prior to the Annual Meeting of the Assembly. Chapter Directors from the odd-numbered districts (Central, Eastern, Hudson Valley, Southern Tier and Finger Lakes) are elected on the odd-numbered years. Chapter Directors from the even-numbered districts (Catskill, Greater New York, Western, Long Island and Brooklyn/Staten Island) are elected on the even-numbered years.

Officer Tenure: Term-of-office for officers is two years or until their successors are elected. No officer may serve in the same office for more than terms, but may be re-elected to that office following an interim of at least a complete term. No person can serve as an officer for more than eight consecutive years.

Director Tenure: Term-of-office for Directors is two years or until their successors are elected. Districts determine the re-election of the Director, or the election of a new Director. No person can serve more than three consecutive terms as a Chapter Director.

BOD Minutes

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
October 18, 2017 DOCX (34.99 KB) Administration 1/12/2018
May 18, 2017 DOCX (42.71 KB) Administration 1/2/2018
January 21, 2017 - DRAFT PDF (594.8 KB) Administration 2/2/2017
October 20-21, 2016 PDF (489.35 KB) Administration 1/23/2017
April 29, 2016 BOD Minutes PDF (108.54 KB) Administration 8/19/2016
January 23, 2016 PDF (381.51 KB) Administration 5/6/2016
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